6 July 2010

Little Angora Rabbit

On sunday I made this little rabbit for my Red Riding Hood scene. I hope, I have it ready this month. For now I'm working in total chaos.....

Finally I've got my new vac. At last I can sand the wood. My old vac was working only with full power and I couldn't move the grinding machine over the surface - it attached itself. For weeks I had the really enormous wooden boards in the hallway - awful!!! Miele promised me a new electronic for my vac (for free) and so I waited with patience.... and then they told me it will cost 95 Euro.... No way!
The new vac is extremly silent - but I can't tell, if it's true. With all the noise from the grinding machine and the saws I really didn't hear the vac...
In the background you can see one of my "new" (half year old by now) shelfs for my miniatures. And now I have to build completely new roomboxes. I hope, I'll have everything ready by the end of this year. Then I'll live in a cosy flat again. I hardly can wait.


  1. Uih,das sieht mir nach Power Frau aus:-)!Jetzt weiß ich auch wie du aussiehst und kann dich net mehr verpassen.Bitte Mundschutz tragen ,lol.LG,Jeannette

  2. GRÖÖÖÖÖÖÖL! Ich überlege ernsthaft, ob ich ihn mitnehme - den Mundschutz...


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