31 July 2010

Music please

Years ago I made this gramophone and radio in 1:24 for Heinrike and Rainer. Yesterday I found the pic, when I was looking for something completely different (which I didn't found by the way...). The Radio was my first attempt to work with a miller (or a shaper?) No closer inspection, please! And keep in mind, that they are quarter scale - therefore veryveryvery tiny....


  1. ¡Y tan pequeño! Que alegria da ver cosas de antes, tu has evolucinado mucho pero esto ya estaba muy bien. Besos Clara

  2. Das war damals eine Freude, als die "Kleinigkeiten" hier angekommen sind.
    Dank des "Radiobasteltests" kann ich nun mehrere Zimmer mit Musik ausstatten.
    Danke nochmal, liebe Andrea!
    Liebe Grüße

  3. Amazing detail in something so tiny.


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