15 October 2010

Happy Findings

Yesterday I went shopping..... I have some full size projects on my mind and needed materials, when I stumbled upon a sale for autumn decorations - - - hmpf - I think, it's autumn now, but they where decorating for christmas. It's so CRAZY! So I've got these mushrooms (I love mushrooms!) for half the prize. This way I saved some money..... okay, no cheeting - I spent money, but I have some ideas for little presents. The mushrooms with the clip will go with a nicely made recipe for my favorite mushroom dinner.
And now I have to ask:
Shall I show my full scale projects on the blog, or do you only want to see miniatures?????? PLEASE TELL ME.


  1. Andrea, this is a very clever idea. I am happy to see your full scale projects as well as the minis. Who knows when one of them will set off another mini idea in someone's mind? Love the mushrooms.

  2. I like to see everything cos its all inspiration.

    Love your mushrooms!

  3. I would like too se other craft project (1:1 scale).
    Those mushrooms are beautiful!

  4. Nö ,her mit der Idee ,man will ja auch schönes in groß sehen,nicht nur Minis ;-))! LG,Jeannette

  5. Es una gran idea.
    Las setas te han quedado fantasticas, enhorabuena.
    besitos ascension

  6. Bitte Bilder!!!Ich sehe das genau wie Jeannette.
    LG, Karin

  7. Ich schließe mich den Vorschreiberinnen gerne an. Biiiiiiiiiilder!!!!!!
    Liebe Grüße Heinrike


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