26 October 2010

New Try

This is todays picture with daylight. And our daylight today is just wonderful! A sunny Octoberday - cold, but with amazing light. When I went to the market on saturday I saw, that I threw a looooong shadow at 12 o'clock! Winter lies in waiting, So I have to enjoy every nice weather immensely.
And this is, what I'm working on in the moment.....
The last 13 nmonths I neglected the household nearly completely, because of the work for the shows in London and Gießen. So I have to organize my shelves and materials. You know, how much work this can be. But I hope tomorrow, I'll have the time to continue on my new miniature project. 
Have a wonderful day!


  1. No te puedes ni imaginar como tengo yo mi lugar de trabajo...jeje, el tuyo se ve muy ordenado.
    Es un pastel precioso, se ve muy real.
    besitos ascension

  2. The cake is super lovely! I have quite the mess myself. I have found that I definitely need more shelves and drawers to store it all :).

  3. I love the cake! I could really enjoy a piece right now...

  4. Un bizcocho perfecto con chocolate.
    Tu lugar de trabajo está muy ordenado, parece que tienes mucho material.
    Espero tu siguiente trabajo :)
    Besos Clara


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