2 November 2010


My feline assistents needed 5 minutes, before they shoved the winning slip from the plate and when I tried to upload the video (which I couldn't open with my programms), my laptop broke down - - - no more access to the internet. Today came our computer specialist (I'm so happy, that the company is just over the street) and get it going again. The router lost the access data. Now I don't have the guts to try the upload again - SORRY! I'm very sad, that I can't show you THE FINAL DRAWING, because it was very exciting. With the last 3 crunchies, Luzi shoved one slip over the edge of the plate. And now I have only a pic of 
Congratulations Mari. Please send me your adress - and I'll bring the cake on it's way. And always remember: You can't eat the cake and still have it!


  1. Wowwwww Andrea I'm so happy!!! Thank you so much! Your prize is wonderful. I'll send you my address. Thank you again

  2. Congratulations Mari! Lucky you!

    Andrea, that video of Part 1 was hilarious!!!

  3. Siamo felicissime per Maria, grazie Andrea per l'opportunità che ci hai dato:oD

  4. Congratulations to Mari! Thank you Andrea for this lovely draw.

  5. Kristy - I worked with tricks.... I just put some Yarrah crunchies under the paper slips... the girls where supervised by Rossi (Tulipes brother). I don't have the slightest idea, why he didn't want to eat in front of a camera. Normaly he is the first one, when it comes to filling his gullet.


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