9 January 2011

Fabric Organizing and Link of the Day

New Year and a lot of resolutions.... One of them might be, to have better organized storing spaces. And because miniaturist tend to have a lot of very different things to store, I hope you like this Link of the Day.
This is how I store my fabrics. They are in a punched pocket and filed in a ring binder. I add a note with the name of the design and store or website, where I bought the fabric. The ring binders are standing in my shelf with the inside looking to the front. So I can see the content (silk, felt, patterned fabric....). For me it's extremly handy.
If you like to see more organized workspace - Mel has a wonderful list of organizing hints.

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  1. I thought I'm soooo organized with my fabric sorted by colours and being stored in different boxes. And now it looks just like a haphazardly stake of boxes crammed in one corner of my studio with fabric peeking out everywhere. You didn't make my day ... lol


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