23 March 2011

Tutorial - How to Safe your Blog

I hope you don't mind a completely technical post, but I was so happy to find a way to save my blog WITH pictures and erverything, I had to share it with you.
There is a great tool  for downloading complete websites - it's HTTrack.
You can find a lot of sites in the net with directions and tutorials how to use it, but I'll show you the most important setting. Sorry, that the pictures are from the german version... I hope you get the idea...
Start with downloading and installing HTTrack on your computer.
It will lauch automatically.
Create a file on your computer where you like to store your back up.
 Click on the button to go on.
Browse to your file and click on the button to go on.
Add URL of your blog. And now the MOST IMPORTANT PART! You have to make settings (or one - that's a must")
If you don't set the maximum on 3, you will not only download your blog, but all the sites that are linked (and the site that are linked to these sites and so on and so on and so on). If you have enough space on your harddrive and days and days for downloading go on and try a higher setting - HA!
For more informations about the setting, ask google... I made only this one setting and it worked great.
Then click on finish.
You can check your download in your file, where you find something like this:
Please don't be mad with me, when something didn't word like I said, but it worked fine with me and many, many other people.
You have a lot of possibilities to download the program. I had my download from chip.de. They have a very good security and when I like to download programm, it's my favorite site. We don't like to get nasty viruses, don't we?

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