31 May 2011

Back Again

Countdown for the opening of the 1zu12 Messe 2011. 5 minutes to go...
Hi, all of you! I really have to apologize for being so extremly "unposting" the last weeks, but I worked half the nights on miniatures for the 1zu12 show and I have a dayjob too - so I had to be very stingy with my time. But in the next days I'll show you parts of my exhibition stand. I hope, you'll like it.
But first I introduce Rita. She presented some of her beautiful flowers on the show. Because it was her coming out, she was very exited and nervous, if her flowers would be "good enough". HAHA! What a joke - they where superb and she sold a lot of them.
And she helped me a lot because we took turns attending the stand, so I've had enough time to buy minis. This time I spent more than I earned. I decided to go to the next fair not until autumn 2012, because I want to finish my own scenes. So I needed a lot of materials, glassware and some very beautiful pieces. I'll make pictures next week and show you some of them.
Tomorrow I'll come back with the first part of my minis.
Have a wonderful day - or night (because I go to bed now - it's 1a.m. and haven't slept much the last nights).

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  1. You've been busy. I look forward to hearing more from you and am very glad I found your blog! :-)


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