2 September 2011

My Shabby Chic Perfumery and Interior Design Shop

If you're a regular visitor of my blog, you know, that I neglected my own miniatures for almost 2 years, because of making minis for the shows. That's my Interior Accessoire Shop. On the left side, you can see the tumbled down shelf...
... and on the right side of the shop the lamp, that was too tired to hang on the ceiling anymore and had to sit down.... WHAT A MESS! The whole light wasn't working any more, but anyway I wanted to install  LED - so that's not too bad.
And that's the location of the shop. It's build in a bookshelf in our very long corridor. Behind it are the gaspipes, so it has a very individual shape as you can see...
I hope, I can show you more soon.
Have a wonderful day

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  1. I found it very interesting that you design your scene to accommodate the pipes. Glad you returned to work and making this reform, so I can track progress.


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