4 September 2011

Herb Containers

Here you can see all the other herb containers I made. I put them into the shop right now. I love the ones with the frog on the top.
They are between 1,1 ans 2 cm high.
I think, here you can see the frog quite well:
The black ones with the golden tops are perfect for a Harry Potter scene or a wealthy wizzard:
The labels has mold stains - I hope they'll be stored in drier surroundings now. They are in english, german or latin.
I filled them with different types and amounts of "herbs". The ones with the Dragon Teeth are empty - sorry for this, but you have to hunt a mini dragon for yourself and pull his teeth. I can't do this.... the poor one.
I hope you like them.
Have a wonderful day


  1. Dear Andrea,
    your pots for herbs are beautiful, but we can not come into your store ...
    There is an invitation?

  2. The jars are all wonderful. Hugs Maria

  3. Liebe Andrea,
    eine wirklich wunderbare Arbeit und ich weiß es, denn ich darf unsere Hexenszene mit den kleinen Kunstwerken bestücken! Sie sind ihr Geld absolut wert denn ich weiß, wieviel Arbeit und damit Zeit in Miniaturen "stecken".
    Danke nochmal für Deine Mühe und die Freude die Du uns dami bereitet hast!
    Liebe Grüße

  4. Amazing! I loved the pots.

    * great success to your shop!


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