25 December 2011

My New Scene...

This is the christmas present for myself....My new scene. And because I neglected my blog for so many weeks, I want to give you a preview. Only the plank flooring, the celiling and the backside of 2/3 are ready. I couldn't get the pictures sharp, so I decided to make a little film. Unfortunately it shows the scene much brighter, than it is. Please use your imagination to see it mystiously darker.
I got nearly all the glassware from Rainer & Heinrike Stadler. Heinrike also made the beautiful leeches for me. You can see them best at the last seconds of the film. Aren't they great?! For years they were waiting to be put in a scene. Now was the time. The last weeks I didn't scroll through the www, so I had more time to make miniatures. A few glass bottles I'll have for sale at the KDF next May. If you're interested, you can tell me what form and colour you like and it can be manufactured for you.
The next weeks I'll show you more of the miniatures I made for the show. There'll be a lot of illuminated . . . . no - I won't say more. See for yourself, when I'll come back in a few days.

Have a wonderful day

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  1. Liebe Andrea,
    eine ganz excellente Arbeit!!!!
    Ach wie ich mich freue, dass Dein Blog wieder lebt und ein Besuch jetzt ganz spannend für mich sein wird. Einfach herrlich, toll, BRILLIANT!!!!
    Sei ganz lieb gegrüßt


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