25 March 2012

The Mineral Corner

The last weeks,  I spent the few hours of spare time with the search for micro minerals and I found a lot of beautiful specimens. Some of them are now standing in the Mineral Corner of my Nice Witches room.
On the next picture you can see the size. I put an Euro Cent in front of the shelve.
On the right side, the witch is brewing love potions. Unfortunately you can't see, the drop, that trickles from the heart into the flask.
Back to the minerals..... I couldn't stop buying these beauties, so I'll have a lot of them for sale in London. Witches and wizzards would love them in their scenes, I'm sure - or they would be great for a mineralogist or a room in a museum of natural history. My friend Rita bought some of them for her Wellness Hotel..... Would you like to have a preview of some of them?
Tomorrow I show you the amethyst druse I made with real minerals.
Have a wonderful day


  1. That is amazing! Love, love, love!

  2. It looks so real, like something from a Harry Potter movie.


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