29 June 2012

Miniatures from Heinrike and Rainer

My friend Heinrike is busy working on miniatures for the show in Mannheim and sent me pictures. Heinrike and her husband are a perfect couple. Rainer makes the glassware and Heinrike the delicious content. We'll share a table and I know, I must have a lot of her fruits and vegetables for my kitchen!
Have a wonderful weekend


  1. Oh dear, this is wonderful glass artwork! And the content: delicious! With the fruits it looks a bit like "Rümtopf, but then in glass and miniature ;)???
    I read about the blocks: thank you for your answer in your previous post!
    Greetings, Ilona

  2. Que fantasticas piezas.
    Seguro que lo pasaras genial, teniendolos de compañeros.
    besitos ascension


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