11 December 2012

Living Room Floor

Today I made the floor for the living room. I like to glue floors on cardboard, that I paint in a very dark brown. This way I can move the floor for an easier way to work with it. The wood stripes are beech, which have a wonderful texture, when stained.   
It's advisable to put a heavy weight on the freshly glued stripes.
Because beech sanding dust is very dangerous for the health (much more than from other wood), I'm very careful. Fortunately I have a very good vacuum cleaner with special dust filters, air cleaners and furthermore the dust mask.
Before I start to sand the wood, I damp it. This way, the wood fibers raise and the sanding goes much better. Before sand, let it dry.
 Now I need a lot of patience....... I start with 120 sandpaper .....
wet again...
sand .... wet ... sand .... wet ..... sand ......pant .... wet ... sand .... wet ..... sand ......pant, pant ....
With every sanding I use a finer sandpaper. The higher the number, the finer the sanding particles.
And now the woodstain. I prefer powder woodstain, that I dissolve in water. This is a mixture of black and dark walnut. 
 Did you think I'm ready with sanding - HAHA!
 Next layer of woodstain. Sanding again...
Then I apply a layer of a special oil, that I also use for my full scale wood floors, polish it with Molton - sorry - I couldn't find a translation. It's a soft and very thick cotton fabric. The pictures I made are messed up, so you have to use your imagination.
For the final touch I use a polishing tool thats normally for finger nails. Done!
Have a wonderful day


  1. This is very useful information, Andrea. I knew about the protection of dust, but to wet the wood before sanding:I've never heard of, thank you for telling. The word molton is familiar to me :D Your floor turned out very well, I like the dark woodstain. However I didn't know the woodstain comes in powder??
    Thanks for your comment, it is like you said: comments make blogging fun :D!!
    Hugs, Ilona

  2. The beech wood looks so good! You have so much patience being able to sand so many times.


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