3 January 2013


This is one of the many usefull things you can do with Lego bricks. I had to decide how many shelves I put in and to fix the distance evenly. Now I have to apply the woodstain after doing the whole sanding and wetting jobagain  you know from the work on my floor. And then I have to fix the light. Stay tuned andhave a wonderful day


  1. Andrea, thanks for the tip with the Lego bricks. The next time I need spacers, I'll know what to use. Your wall is so striking and rich looking. It looks like velvet. Is that because of the paint technique you used?

  2. Hi Lucille, thank you for your nice comments.
    Yes, Í think the wall looks a little bit like velvet, because of the paint technique. These are 4 slightly different shades of red. And I used a very fine natural sponge to apply the paint. Because of the flash the wall looks a little bit more bluish red than it is in fact. It's a pity, because it's really a very nice red.
    Kind regards

  3. So glad I am not the only one to use lego bricks (also good for right angles). It gives me an excuse to keep my childhood collection and perhaps acquire more.

  4. Wonderful work so far, Andrea. I knew the tip of the Lego bricks, they are great spacers ;)
    Hugs, Ilona


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