24 March 2013

Miniature Toy Piano

Finally I made the first of two old toy pianos. For years I had them on my mind and now they couldn't wait any longer to be "born". Only for photoshopping the old pictures I needed hours (6 hours last night for finding and editing the right pictures). Specially the piano, that is still in process took most of the time, but it is my favorite. Perhaps I can persuade my husband to make dinner tonight. Then I can show you the other one today too.I'll take them to the show in Apeldoorn. But when you're interested, I can reserve them on Etsy.
Have a wonderful day


  1. Hi Andrea! The little piano is a wee jewel! After reading how much time you spent online trying to accomplish what you had in mind, I will never again become impatient when I am trying to teach myself something regarding my computer. You are so very patient!

  2. So tiny and so beautiful!
    Greetings, Faby


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