3 May 2013

Bay Window Room - 2nd Approach

After getting distracted for months I promised myself, that I start again with the work on my Bay Window Room after the show in Apeldoorn.The last days I made the window to the conservatory, the writing table in front of it and the "spirit" of the fireplace. I have to take pictures, when it's dark. I hope, I'll remember taking them. As you can see - the sun is shining brightly today- wonderful!

Now I unwrapped the glasses our friend Rainer made for the table of the Bay Window Room and the doors for the glass cabinet. But they have to wait. I can't find the pieces I wanted to use as hinges. So it's only the table that I'm working on.
Have a wonderful day


  1. Is this where you plan to have your bay windows? How is it going? I wish the photo was taken a little closer so we can see the view outside. I kind of like the your choice of dark colors. I wish you would retain them, but you're probably sick of seeing them, so I'll just wish you luck on your project. =) Merill @ LoveYourWindows.com

  2. I wish we could take closer look as well. But I think your window is a little smaller than the ordinary bay window. I must say that you can't really enjoy the view if your window is limited. That's why most of the bay windows are in a landscape orientation and usually have wide screens.

    Micha @OhioExteriors.com

  3. Your theme is a bit bold – black and red. But I think it is better that way – walls are red, trims are black – than the other way around. How's it going there?


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