5 May 2013

Bay Window Room - Carpet and Table

This is the work of the last 2 days. I have been very, very busy. The carpet alone took 15 hours.
I hope you like it.
Have a wonderful day


  1. Hi Andrea! It is certainly a beautiful room! So stylish! Your carpet is amazing! You are so patient. I would love to see a better pic of the book cases. They look amazing!

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  3. Thank you Lucille.
    I promise a picture of the book cases, but the books are still in their cellophane wrappings and this doesn't look perfect. It's just that they'd tumble around, because I have to move the whole room before everything is ready.
    If you don't mind, I make a picture with cellophane tomorrow.

  4. Liebe Andrea,
    ich werde gleich noch einen Link an Rainer senden. Er wird sich genauso wie ich - über diesen prächtigen Tisch freuen! Und der Teppich ist ebenfalls SEHR schön!!!
    Liebste Grüße


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