24 May 2013


Hurray! 300 Followers!
As you know, I thought about a giveaway, but now I have another idea.
If you are a follower of my blog and if you are interested in a 10% coupon for my Etsy shop, you can get one the following way:
Please leave a comment AND send me a mail with "300 Followers" as refernce. Then I'll send you the coupon code for the shop. Be assured, that I use your mail adress only for sending you the code!
You can do this till 1th of June and the coupon will be valid till I close the shop for the summer (6.-29. July).
This way there is not only one winner, but everyone, who is interested in my miniatures, can benefit.
I hope, you like the idea.

And if you don't find  an interesting miniature, but have an idea of what you'd like - just tell me in the mail. Perhaps I have something and can put it in my shop.
Have a wonderful weekend


  1. Congratulations, Andrea! And, while you didn't ask, I would love to see some tutorials if you might be willing to share your incredible talent.....

  2. Hi SuzyMcQ,
    have you something special on your mind??

  3. 301... da oggi ci sono anch'io!!


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