13 May 2013

Link of the Day - Jill Dianne

Today I wanted to show you the amazing miniatures of Jill Dianne.
You can visit her blog here and her ETSY shop here.

And I wanted to say THANK YOU for telling me your favorite scales!
Soon there will be 300 followers and I think, this should be celebrated. Perhaps you like to write me suggestions for a Give Away?
Have a wonderful day


  1. Personally, I don't try for giveaways because I don't have a blog and I like to leave the prizes for those people who work hard to maintain their blogs. Since I comment here all the time, I felt I had to let you know. However, it is my guess that anything you make would make the winner very happy!

  2. Me again! I just took a look at Jill Dianne's Etsy shop and I'm telling you, I have rarely seen anything so beautiful and unique! Thank you so much for the link.

  3. Dear Lucille,
    especially for my followers who are so nice as you to leave comments, I'd like to make a giveaway. I'm always so happy to read them and without comments I'd loose the interest to maintain the blog.
    Your comment make me think about a special give away... perhaps not for 300 followers but for a special number of comments. I'll think about it...
    Warm regards

  4. Hi Andrea, this is gorgeous unique miniature work of Jill Dianne, thank you for sharing. I'll go and visit.
    Regarding your followers: two to go :D!! Every piece of your beautiful work is a give away worthy, Andrea, so I am not of any help for you ;)!
    Hugs, Ilona


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