4 July 2013

Bye bye Google Reader

For all of you, who like to follow without google reader - here are some easy ways to stay tuned on my blog.
I'm sorry - I haven't found a button for "The Old Reader". It's my favorite way to follow your blogs. It would be awfully nice if you could let me know if you have a hint how to get a button.

Bloglovin': Follow on Bloglovin

Feedly: please use the sidebar button  follow us in feedly Sorry - the Feedly link doesn't work. Thank you, anonymus - unfortunately I've got the code from the site you wrote, but it doesn't work. Until I find a solution, I'll remove the button from the sidebar.

Tried to fix it. Would one of you be so kind, to comment, if the sidebar button is working? Thank you so much.
I hope, I get both buttons working now.
I added a link to my feeds on The Old Reader to the sidebar. Can anyone PLEASE tell me, if this could be a way to follow? Is there a button to subscribe or do you still have to copy the URL into the "add a subscription" box when you're on my feed site on T.O.R.???
Have a wonderful day


  1. I don't think The Old Reader has a button yet. It is my favourite way to stay up with all my blogs too.

  2. to create a properly linked button for feedly follow the instructions on this page.

  3. Thank you Susan.
    What a pity! I really like The Old Reader. Perhaps they'll create a button when many of us are asking for it.
    Warm regards


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