7 July 2013

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We'll finally go to Switzerland the next week. And because I want you well entertained with miniatures I'll introduce to to this site. There will be another post before we go and I think these will leave you with a lot of "work".
My ETSY shop will be closed tomorrow, so if you'd like something soon, you have to hurry:).
I'll come back at the end of July with (hopefully) a lot of new miniatures. I've so many ideas and I'm looking forward to sit on the terrace working on them with this beautiful view.
Have a wonderful day


  1. What an enchanting view! Lucky you! Enjoy yourself and come back with a whole load of miniatures!

  2. I wish you a great holiday in Switzerland, Andrea, a lot of joy and relax :D!

  3. Thank you Lucille and Ilona. Have a wonderful time too.


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