13 August 2013


This is a dog I bought years ago, when I started with miniatures and haven't had the slightest clue about quality of minis. But I didn't want to throw him away.

So I took him with me and that's how he looks after a well deserved holiday. What a little sunshine can do....
Now seriously - normally I paint the body, before I put on the fur, but I wanted to have a dog with blurred dots. I think, he is a really nice old dog and fits perfectly into my "Nice Witch Scene".
Have a wonderful day


  1. Great transformation! I love the new look! I like the blurred dots! Hannah

  2. Eine tolle Verwandlung... und schon hat er ein anderes Aussehen. Nett geworden.

    Das kleine Schwein hat sich auch "hübsch" verwandelt.

    Sommergrüße an Dich

    PuNo / Monika

  3. It's much, much better!! Good idea to transform bad and 'cold' animals of plastic. Many thanks and have good holiday Ciao ciao Franca


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