2 January 2014

Scratching Post for Santas Cat

I know, I know - Christmas is over, we have a New Year, but I used the wonderful free time between Christmas and New Year for some miniatures and I was in "Santa Mood". And because I'm always in "Cat Mood", I made a scratching post for Santa's cat. Unfortunately you can't see the little white pompom on top of Santa's hat that dangles from the top of the post. But I'm sure this furry rascal will play with it, after finishing his excessive grooming. Sorry that I caught him in this unflattering pose...
By the way - the cat is made by Annie Willis, who makes beautiful animals and I hope, I'll see her again in May, when I'm at the KDF in London. Perhaps he'll get a sweet little mate. Its's a pity, that Annie hasn't a website or a shop. If you like to contact her - here is her mail adress.

They really made me happy.
Have a wonderful day


  1. Cute little post and the cat seems to love it! Just to give you an idea, I just saw on Facebook bunk beds for cats made out of a suitcase. Really cute! You might want to make one in miniature. You can find it on You Tube.

  2. A nice and funny scene.
    Greetings, Faby

  3. Thank you, Lucille, what a nice idea. I know them as single beds and think they are so cute. But a bunk bed would be great, when I have more cats - - - or for my shop - who knows..... another idea on my loooooooong list:))))


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