9 February 2014

1:24 Witchcraft and Knitting Jenny

I just finished some 1:24 parchments, I was asked to make in 1:24. And now I'm going back to my Knitting Jenny. I hope, I can show it tomorrow:). Last night I fixed the wires on the hat. A work, where I always feel like a woman in the verge of a nervous breakdown...
Have a wonderful day


  1. Hi Andrea! De parchments are very small, great work!
    I can imagine how you felt whilst fixing those tiny wires on the hat of knitting Jenny! But you succeeded and how......it is really beautiful and so tiny work!
    Hugs, Ilona

  2. Hola Andrea! he visitado tu blog completo, y me encantan tus trabajos, te pongo en la lista de favoritos para seguirte de cerca. Un abrazo


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