12 February 2014

New Milk Tin Signs

It's a shame!  I sold one of my Milk Tin Sings on ETSY and I couldn't find it....
The whole panel has vanished into thin air. I'm sure, I'll find it as soon, as I ship the new sign.
But I took advantage and made more than one:))
Now I'm going to my little "Wood Turning Studio", which is also our storage room, cats toilet with grandiose less than 3 square meters. But I love it.
I was asked, if I could make a micro Knitting Jenny and I'll give it a try. You will see the result - if there is any....:) Sometimes I think I'm nuts, but I love challenges.
Have a wonderful day


  1. Hi Andrea! Be it ever so humble, there is no place like a Studio of one's own! :D


    1. HAHA - thank you for your comment, Elizabeth, but I never have a studio of my own ..... there are always CATS! :)))) And because their cat grass is at the window - they are controlling my work, when I turn wood. At my "normal" working place it's even more complicated, because they think it'is THEIR place to hang around and I'm just a nuisance factor....


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