28 February 2014

Solution of the riddle - flower pots for the "Antique Garden Toy"

A few weeks ago I found an antique garden toy from the very early 20th century. Like with dollhouse roomboxes the children could play "gardening". I liked it so much, that I made one in miniature for a toy shop or a nursery.
The small brown "things" from my last posts are the flower pots. Yes - this was really very difficult. But thanks to everyone, who posted a guess. I smiled a lot about the cork stoppers and think it was a very smart guess. It really looks like it.
Have a wonderful day


  1. Liebe Andrea,
    wie soll man so etwas erraten ;-) ....
    Du hast Ideen - einfach herrlich!
    Paulina liebt die Spielboxen von Playmobil - darin sind Miniszenen der großen Exemplare.
    Eine tolle Sache ist das aber nichts im Vergleich zu Deinem Kunstwerk - toll!
    Ich hoffe Du hattest einen wunderschönen, besonderen Tag!
    Liebe Grüße

  2. Es una preciosidad Andrea, echo de menos algunas fotos más cercanas, en las que podamos admirar un poco mejor los detalles de tus creaciones. Un abrazo.

  3. Hi Andrea! I love this gardenset for 'small' gardeners, it is great work, because it is all so tiny :D!!
    Yes, they really had the shape of the stoppers, but I didn't know that it was made for a much smaller scale ;)!
    I love riddles and I had to leave an answer for Elizabeth, now and then I like a bit of teasing too. I won't do it again.... :D LOL!
    Have a nice and creative weekend!
    Hugs, Ilona

    1. Hi Ilona,
      NO PLEASE do it again and again! I'll try to post more riddles for you in the future:))) I like them too.
      Have a wonderful weekend

  4. Hi Andrea, I just had to go back and see if you answered on my comment and you did.
    Thanks for telling me that you did not mind :D!
    Have a nice and creative weekend!
    Hugs, Ilona


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