22 February 2014

Working on Paper Doll Wardrobes

The last 3 days I worked on my new Paper Doll Wardrobes. They are all different and it's difficult to decide, which I like most. Just for fun I counted the hours I worked on them. From Friday till today 36 hours without photo shopping and cutting of the dolls. It's always a shock when I look on the clock after hours and hours of photo editing. But I loved paper dolls when I was a child and my miniature scene is waiting for them. So it's also a lot of fun to see the result of my work.
Have a wonderful Sunday


  1. Te aconsejo que acerques las fotos más, pues no se aprecia el objeto. Un saludo

  2. What effort, to cut out such small and fiddly shapes! I could never do it. I love the look, and the finish looks slightly faded and very vintage, it's cute. :)


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