7 March 2014

KDF Collection 2014 - Jack in the Box III

I'm in sculpting mood in the moment. Tomorrow I show you my latest idea...:)
But today I wanted to share the last one of my "Jack in the Box". It's the rabbit from Alice in Wonderland. Now I have a little gang. And I have a request. I find them so cute and I'd like to make more for the KDF. Can you help me to decide, if there could be any interest in them and click  yes or no in my blog poll? That would be awfully kind of you.
I don't know, why there ist the german word for vote "abstimmen"... sorry for that.
Have a wonderful day

Shall I make more Jack in the Box?


  1. Hello Andrea! The white rabbit is Perfectly Wonderful and so is the entire collection! What enormous talents you have for making these very small but exquisite toys!


  2. Thank you, Elizabeth. Your comments mean a lot to me. I'm curious how you like my next miniature...:)))

  3. Andrea, this is incredible work in this scale! To be honest: I really can't tell you if there will be any interest for this type of miniatures, I am sorry. Maybe from people who love the miniatures who are related to the dark side/Halloween miniature world or those who love Alice in Wonderland.......?
    Have a creative and lovely weekend!
    Hugs, Ilona

    1. Thank you, Ilona. I know it's difficult. All the more thanks for trying to give me some help.
      I hope you're up and about again without coughing.
      Best wishes and a wonderful weekend for you too. I completely missed it, that we have Friday, because normally my husband is not here for half of Friday, but as he is coughing now.... you know what I mean:)))


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