6 April 2014

KDF Collection 2014 - Themed Shelfes 1 - "Toadstools"

I'm working on some ideas for themed shelves. This is the first one. "Toadstools"... I love toadstools:)))
The list of themes is so long, it can keep me occupied for the next years. So prepare yourself for more ot them - and more "Jack in the box". I always have problems with the plural of "Jack in the box". Is it "Jacks in the box", "Jacks in the boxes" "Jack in the boxes"????? AAAAAAH - HELP!!!
Have a wonderful week


  1. Hi Andrea! I wished you a creative weekend and........you DID ;)!! I love your toadstool-shelf, the polka dotted little coat on the knob is so sweet.
    The plural of JITB, hmmm, I think it must be Jack in the boxes, because you have more boxes, not more Jacks??? I don't know, because English is not my Mother tongue, maybe someone else can help you with this?
    I wish you a nice week. Liebe Grüsse, Ilona

  2. Hi Andrea! This is such a Great Shelf unit and the colors are so bold and wonderful for a child's bedroom! When my son was very little, I was determined to use Primary colors and bold strokes for the nursery even when the fashion then was pastels; blue, green, pink and yellows. This shelf is so reminiscent of what I used 30 years ago and I still like it the best! :))


    1. Hi Elizabeth,
      it's a reminiscence of my childhood in the - - - um, well - - a few decades ago:)) I outrun 30 years by far. And I still love these colours and it makes me happy, that you like them too.
      I'm curious, what you think about the next shelfes. I'm buy working on them.
      Warm regards


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