3 April 2014

Turning Wood

This morning the sun was shining bright and I decided to be in the mood for turning some wands for the KDF. The light in my little studio for the "messy things" isn't so good, because it goes to a shady backyard. But the tree in front of the window still has no leaves, so I had the chance to use the wonderful daylight.
Here you can see some of the things I use for turning the delicate wands.
And for the finish I love the polishing tools, we girls use on our nails:))))
Of course I use 2 of them - from both sides. Otherwise the wands would break within nanoseconds.
But because I had no helping paw, I had to hold the camera myself - that's why you see only one nail shiner.
Have a wonderful day

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  1. Hi Andrea! I kept on looking on your pictures, because I wanted to see how you had fixated the tube of your vacuum cleaner...:D!! This way of wood turning is great, so I shall have to try it once.
    You miniature wands are so small, I hope that the vacuum cleaner doesn't be very hungry ;)!
    Enjoy your lovely sunshine and I wish you a nice weekend!
    Liebe Grüsse, Ilona


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