29 June 2014

How wonderful to see...

Today I got a very nice mail from Michelle (thank you M. for letting me use your picture) who bought some of my miniatures last year.
She wanted to show me, where they're now. Here is the link to her Flickr fotostream, and I'm absolutely thrilled. She worked five years on this scene and it's more than perfect. I hope, you have as much joy detecting all the wonderful details as I had. This was just what I needed after Tulipe.
And a huge THANK YOU for all of you, who wrote mails or consoling comments.It was very comforting.


  1. Oh My!!! This is such a fun looking scene. The leprechaun is a little masterpiece and the surroundings are all simply fascinating!


    1. Yes, Elizabeth. It's a little journey of discovery. There are so many wonderful miniatures in the scene. And I LOVE the leprechaun too. He is made by Miriam Kallies. I have a post with more informations here:

  2. Hallo Andrea! This is awesome work of Michelle, does she have a blog to follow? In this fabulous scene is so much to see, all those great details and the exclusive miniatures, the leprechaun is a real masterpiece (I fully agree with Elizabeth ;)!)!! Thanks for sharing this beauty, Andrea!
    Liebe Grüsse, Ilona

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  3. Hallo Ilona.
    I asked Michelle, but unfortunately she doesn't have a blog. What a pity.
    LG Andrea


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