10 February 2015

Fish Pond Game - Angelspiel

Finally I'm ready with my Fish Pond Games. This is the vintage German version, that I'll made for my own scene. At the end of the week I'll show you the other ones, but I have to take pictures first and I don't know, when I'll find the time. Full scale life needs my attention:)
The Fish Pond Game or "Angelspiel" as we call it here in Germany was one if my favorites, when I was a little child.
This game is really working as you can see on the video I hope you like like it. Have fun!

Have a wonderful day


  1. Hi Andrea, I love your little games. You made a lot!
    Hugs, Susanne

  2. Hallo Andrea! This game is pure nostalgia for me ;)! It is so life-like, well done!
    LG, Ilona

  3. Hallo Ilona - all the miniatures I have in my mind for the next time are memories if my childhood. It's so much fun to go back this way:)


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