5 June 2015

KDF - May 2015 - Penny Thomson

I have to apologize for the long time it took me to come back to my blog. We stayed a few days in London an when we came back to Berlin my notebook broke down. So I worked a few days to find a new one and transfer all my data - and then I got a severe sinusitis..... But now I'm well again and working on all the orders from the KDF.
And I have a lot of pictures from the KDF that I'll show you in the next days.
I want to start with Penny Thomson - as constant visitors of my blog know - I love her work!

Last time I showed you her flying dragons and this time she made a beautiful flying owl. Isn't that great?
And I fell in love with the showcases she made. I'd love to have the money and buy them all to make a Natural History Museum (or at least one room:) )

Have a wonderful weekend


  1. I am BREATHLESS with Wonder!!!!! That people possess such Talent and the ability to do this caliber of work simply BLOWS MY SOCKS OFF!
    As of Now... I am a BIG FAN too!

    and I am so glad to hear that YOU are now on the mend too! :))

  2. Hi Elizabeth,
    it's nice to hear (or read) from you. Yes - Pennys work is so extraordinary and she is always the first one I go to see. I hope you'll like my other post from the KDF too. There a lot to come:)
    Have a wonderful and sunny weekend

  3. I would be playing with that for days at a time!

  4. Hi Andrea, welcome back in the blog world! I see you've had a wonderful time at the fair :)!
    Thank you for sharing all of these pictures and news about winners of great prizes and fantastic miniaturists, who make the most crazy perfect miniatures :D!!
    Liebe Grüsse, Ilona

  5. Hi Ilona,
    I'm happy you're still with me:))) Yes, this time I promised myself to make a lot of pictures for the blog.
    Have a wonderful time und ganz liebe Grüsse


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