17 July 2015

Amethyst Geode

I just saw that I never showed you my amethyst geodes.
I love them in real life, so my witch had to get one of her own. You can't find geode that look "real" in this size, so I made them with real amethyst. It takes a lot of time and cursing to get the little smithers. And I always have to be careful with my fingers. Once my thumb was blue and green for 2 weeks...
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  1. Wow!!! This is Awesome!!! I love geodes, and amethyst is my favorite..... How do you make them??? I had a very small one, only one inch across that was a quartz geode, and I used it in the wall of my Tree House as part of the wall along the stairs up from the kitchen. It is hard to see, but I know it is there!
    Your creation is amazing!


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