7 August 2015

Link of the Day - Gina Bellous

For all of you, who are interested in doll making - Gina has some wonderful tutorials on her website where she liberally shares some tricks. And if you don't feel to make your dolls from scratch, she also provides you with doll kits or beautiful dressed dolls. And don't forget to visit her blog.


Thank you, Gina, for letting me use your picture:)

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  1. Hi Andrea! I use to read Gina's special feature in the pages of Nutshell News when she did a series of the wives of the U.S. Presidents and then on the movie stars of the golden age of Hollywood. I was Impressed then because of her skills in achieving such Stunning likenesses of the faces and costumes of the persons and periods and I am just as Impressed now! What a Talent she has, so Thank You for the link because I will be visiting her for sure! :D

    p.s. Have a great time on your well deserved holiday and see you when you get back! :)


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