4 September 2015

A nice weather to start with...

... making miniatures.
The first days were very hot. So I was lazy as a dog. But at the first rainy day I started with minis:)
It was raining cats and dogs. And when it ceased, the dropping water made wonderful melodies on the leaves.

And these 2 days were the only days I could work with Fimo and Sculpey.
Here you can see, what I'm trying to make - guess what...
yes - Punch  & Judy for old fashioned theaters.
The next day it started to be very hot again, and the polymer clays were too soft to work with. Only a few heads went into the oven. What a pity. I prepared a lot of different wooden theaters and want to paint them AFTER the puppets are ready. It'll be easier to find the best colour matches, when I have the right fabrics and then I can mix every colour for painting the wood.

So I had to find another play field.
You'll see in the next days what it was:)
I hope you all had a good time during the summer.
Have a wonderful day

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