12 November 2015

Link of the Day - Miniature Jeans from from Fabulously Small

I have to show you these fantastic jeans, made by Monique. And she's so nice to show us, how she did it - no, it's not a tutorial, but she shows us her precision of thoughts, she give to all her work. You can visit her blog here. For going directly to the post you can just click on the picture. But I'd recommend to make a cup of coffee or tea and going through the whole blog. Have fun seeing her fabulously miniatures:)
Have a wonderful day
 Thank you, Monique for letting me use your picture:)


  1. You're so welcome Andrea, this is very kind of you and thank you for your very nice words! :). I don't explain how I did it though, did I? :D Bye! Monique

    1. You're right Monique, you didn't show us everything, but you tell us a lot about the things you thought of - even the label. I'm always fascinated by the details you make. I really, really like that a lot.
      All the best for you

  2. Ah, now I get it :D. Well thank you, that is a great complimet, you flatter me! All the best to you too! Monique


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