24 October 2017

Rusty Cans

I thought, it would be a nice idea to offer some of my miniatures on my blog for a short time and for a special price.
What do you think of this idea?

I start with Rusty Cans in 1:12 and 1:24.

Have a wonderful day


  1. The first year I started selling small miniature items I did it the way you are intending to go. It was a nightmare for me trying to keep track of all the emails, the individual orders, the banking, gathering details for shipping, etc. For me Etsy has been worth every penny of the fees I pay them. They are my reliable personal assistant who works 24/7.

    But I wonder if Etsy is the most effective of the crafts items selling site for you as you live in Europe? I am considering signing on with https://en.dawanda.com/ as many things I make are based on European styles of architecture. I have had quite a few international sales over the last few years so it may increase my customer base even further. That site is listed as being the #1 most effective alternative to Etsy and even better than Etsy for people who are located in Europe. Of course I only know that by what I have read online in reviews and articles as I do not have personal experience of it as of yet.

  2. Dear Carin,
    thank you for giving me these informations. But there is a little misunderstanding. I'll keep my ETSY shop - I just want to make "special offers" für a short time, before some of the miniatures are going into my shop:)
    I was just a little bit annoyed, that I also have to pay fees, when I send back money (no fees with paypal)! And when I get my money.... for everything there is a fee. And that I can't change back from ETSY payment to only paypal.
    It's just not the good old feeling with ETSY:(
    But nevertheless I'll stay with them. Because most of my customers are not in Europe and - I don't know why - I don't like Dawanda. And the quality of miniatures is not as good as on ETSY!
    I'm absolutely willing to pay fees. I only thought, it would be a nice idea to give the visitors of my blog the opportunity to get a special offer:)
    Kind regards

  3. So well done again, Andrea!

  4. A very nice assortment of rusty pitchers Andrea, and I think that you have mastered the look of aged enamel and galvanized metal to Perfection! :D



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