20 November 2017

Making of - Conjuring Tricks

Since days I'm working on a box for conjuring tricks:) The pattern for the box alone took a few hours. But I love to make my own patterns.
Then I have to spend time for a bit of woodturning and most of the time is for photoshopping all the prints. But I want a box for my own scene, because I still love conjuring tricks.

By the way - I changed the settings for comments! Heinrike told me, that it's really annoying to go through the security question. Perhaps you think so too. So I decided to check every comment (to delete spams), but it's more comfortable for you to communicate.
And it would be wonderful if you do so, because I'd love to know your favorite toys/games from your childhood.
Everyone who'll leave an answer has the chance to win a giveaway!
So write, write, write - please!!!:)))

Have a wonderful day


  1. Ooh I would love to see a Parcheesi set, even though I don't win! I love your games, keep it going!

  2. Liebe Andrea,
    mit dem wunderbaren Flunderspiel hast Du mir ja bereits eine Riesenfreude bereitet! Und mit meinem Vater habe ich so gerne Mühle gespielt - auch wenn er darin fast unschlagbar war. Bevor er mich zur "Weißglut" brachte, hat er mich auch mal gewinnen lassen...
    Ich bin sehr gespannt auf Deinen Zauberkasten! Wie immer, eine grandiose Idee! Liebe Grüße Heinrike

  3. Hi Andrea, I would have to say that one of my favorite games when I was a child was a ball and jacks. We kids used to play it during recess at school. The other games I can remember were Bat-a-ball with a small rubber ball attached to a length of elastic and which was anchored to a small paddle. The idea was to bat the ball as many times in a row as you could without stopping and then of course, the YoYo! :D

  4. Hi Andrea
    One of my favourites was a ring toss game. A board containing several small cup hooks was mounted on the wall. I think each hook had a number. We threw rubber rings from preserving jars. Times were simple then! Cheers, Linda

  5. Hello Andrea
    My favorite game was dominoes. Yes, I agree with Linda... life was indeed simple.

  6. Hallo Andfra,
    du hast ja wieder tolle Sachen gemacht!!!
    Als Kind habe ich gerne Post gespielt. Leider fiel mir dabei die ein oder andere Anichtskarte, die mein Onkel sammelte in die Hände. Seine Freude hielt sich in Grenzen. Aber ich hatte Spass. :-)
    Liebe Grüße


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