14 March 2018

Hasenschule - Bunny School

In Germany a "Hasenschule" is one of the vintage must-haves for Easter. So here it is - my tiny Bunny School:)
Have a wonderful day


  1. Lovely :-). I didn't know it is a tradition in Germany, it's a nice custom!

  2. We have a very old Easter tradition in Germany. The Easter Bunny was "born" in the 17th century! The old fashioned Easter decoration in Germany comes from the "Erzgebirge". They started with Christmas decorations in the 18th century and with Easter decoration around 1900. You will see some of these typical wooden beauties when I show my new scene April 1st. There is a "crazy" woman in Seiffen (a village in the Erzgebirge) who makes them in 1:12. I love them!
    Have a wonderful weekend

    1. Thank you Andrea and enjoy your weekend too!

    2. Thank you - and a - hopefully - good and long weekend for us is in sight:)


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