2 March 2018

Peter Rabbit Puzzle

Since years I wanted to have puzzles.... this is the first one:)))
I'm very happy with it and I hope you like it too.

Have a wonderful day


  1. Wow! Did you hand cut all the pieces? That is so cute! But... how difficult to do!

    1. It's not difficult - it's impossible.I tried it for so long and never could do the round cuttings in the puzzle to my liking. With a scissor, you bend the paper and with my really extremly tiny scalpel (a fifth the size of a normal scalpel), I still cut into the paper where no cuts should be. So I gave up, but I still wanted a puzzle! So I designed the motive (it's a combination of different B. Potter paintings), programmed the cutting lines and let this cut by a professional machine. Now I have to design a box for it and this will be cut by me... least:(:)


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