10 June 2021

Miniature Toy Drums

These are my first new miniatures since many years.
I was asked if I could make a tiny drum similiar to this one: 
Miniature Toddler Toy Shelf  OOAK  1:12 scale image 0

I made it and thought, why not having a modern version for a contemporary scene, but there is the problem with copyrights..... okay, when there ist a problem, find a solution. So it was natural to paint my own design. 
I love how the red lion came out. Now I'm thinking about new designs..... and I feel, that I would like to make miniatures again..... 
I'm very curious about the next months.
What do you think - shall I make more?

Have a wonderful day and stay healthy


  1. Bueno pues no he tenido que esperar mucho para disfrutar de unas maravillosas miniaturas
    El resultado es precioso.
    Un saludo

    1. Thnak you Marian:) And how nice to hear from you

  2. Ha, we were given toy drums like that when I was little. The gift came from a childless aunt, my mother's younger sister. I never heard a rebuke from my mother. She only told us to go play with it outside... and a while later the drums disappeared with no explanation and were never seen again.
    Your miniatures are beautiful. Yes, make more minis! Do whatever inspires you and don't worry about selling it. If it's made from the heart it shows, and someone will love it and adopt it for their own collection.

  3. Thank you, Megan.
    This really gives me a laugh. These drums were never, never, never bought by mothers :))) I hope, you forgave her for the "unexplaned disappearance"
    Kind regards


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