12 May 2010


I don't know, how they are called in english. Perhaps you can help me there. In Germany we call them Tütenpuppen. I just call them "Vanishing Dolls", because they vanish into the paper funnel.
Now I know.... in London they told me, these Dolls are named "Pop Up Dolls".
I loved them, when I was a child and I have to make them in mini! At the KDF I'll have these 5:
The next posts will come after the 23. May with photos from the KDF. I'm so exited and I'm looking forward to see all these great miniatures.
Have a good time! Perhaps I'll see some of you at the KDF - that would be nice!


  1. Love them. I look forward to visiting your stand this weekend

  2. Dear Janice,
    I searched the www for methods to respond to comments, because I wanted to let you know, that I was very happy to see, that you like my miniatures. I hope we'll meet at the KDF!
    And I hope, you read this post....

  3. look forward to seeing your stall at Kensington

  4. Als Kind hatte ich so ein Figürchen und dann rief ich immer "Wo ist mein Verschwindibus?" Auch "surprise-baggy" könnte man sagen. Deine "Surpriselis" sind besonders zucker - schnuckel - putzelig.
    Alles, alles Liebe und Carpe Diem


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