24 May 2010

Back again

My stand at the KDF in London. And now SHAME ON ME! I haven't had the time to make much more photos of the show. When I finally had a little time to stroll through the hall on Saturday, I was happy to buy some miniatures and didn't thought about photographing. In the next days, I'll show you some of my purchases.
First of all - these little (what else) metall toys. I found the cow and the horse at the stand of Franzy's Puppen & Teddy Paradies. Next year I'll try to make a shop with antique toys and I think, they will fit.
Tomorrow I'll try to make more photos with daylight. The weather in Berlin is more like April, and when the sun was finally shining in the late afternoon, I haven't had the time. In London the weather was so beautiful - I'd like to turn on my heels and go back...


  1. Hallo,Heinrike hat mich auf dich aufmerksam gemacht und ich ganz baff,dass ich das bisher übersehen habe.Supertolle Miniaturen sehe ich auf deinem Stand in KDF. Hab dich auf jedenfall jetzt in meine Blogliste aufgenommen,dass mir hier nichts mehr entgeht:-)!Liebe Grüße,Jeannette

  2. Fein, das freut mich, Jeanette! Deine Blumen sind ja auch vom Feinsten....

  3. I thought so too. Thanks, Debbie


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