23 October 2010

Mathilde - the whistling pig

Thank you, ladies, for your comments on my blog, when I asked, if you like to see my full scale projects. Because I'm terribly busy in my "real" life, I show you one of my older projects.
May I introduce Mathilde - the flying and whistling pig.

My husband and I found this cage on the fleamarket a few years ago. When I saw it, I had an instant vision of a pig with wings and as soon as we were at home, I made Mathilde.
When I sat her into the cage, she complained about her poor and sensible backside on the hard perch. So she got a velvet cushion. Now she is whistling happily and she can fly freely whenever she want. The door is always open.
But she has to be careful. Luzi is a great pighunter!


  1. She is gorgeous, you really have a great imagination!

  2. Una idea muy original, con imaginaciĆ³n que es lo bonito para nuestras creaciones.
    Un abrazo


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