15 November 2010

Building a House ...

... for the cats.
I don't have the space for a complete house for my miniatures, but when I saw a perfect cardboard box on the market I had to have it for the cats (don't say they are spoiled!). Now I'm building them a playhouse - which is very difficult, when the future owners are inspecting the progress of it every minute....

 but it seems that Luzi want to settle in - although it isn't finished as yet.


  1. Haha, those eyes peeping out from the darkness, looks like they really enjoy their new plaything.

  2. Gröööööööl! Liebe Andrea,
    ich kann mir das Durcheinander und die Mithilfe Deiner Monsterleins "filmlich" vorstellen. Einen guten Umzug und viel Spaß beim Holzhausbau wünscht Dir, mit liebem Gruß,


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