17 November 2010

Flower Brooch for Dorit

Malkas (for her I made this Cooking Book)  Mother will celebrate her birthday next week. I can't believe that one year has vanished. Time flies
Dorit loves Flower Brooches and I wanted to make her a brooch in her favorite colours. For this I needed Chiffon (synthetic for once) and fortunately I had all the colours I needed.
 Then I cut something like circles - not too accurate... and held the rim over a flame. The synthetic melts and curls a little bit.
 Then I put one layer above the other....,
sewed everything together and added a few pearls, because this is also something Dorit likes.....
Now there is a safety pin on the backside, and she can adjust the leeves to her liking.

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  1. Sehr schöne und ausgefallene Arbeit !Die Besitzerin wird sich freuen :-)!LG,Jeannette


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