20 January 2011

Link of the Day - Mouse Droppings

I love mice! And when I saw the little critters from Susan, I instantly fell in love. But first I had to recover from a serious laughing attack. Her blog has such a great name: Mouse Droppings

THANK YOU, Casey! I had the wrong link attached. It's fixed now.
Picture by courtesy of Susan Pilotto


  1. Andrea, I just tried to go to "Mouse Droppings" from your blog and got a blog called "Quill Cottage" instead. I did manage to find it with google. You might want to check your URL. Great blog!

  2. Thanks for sharing this link. It worked fine now. What a cute blog!

  3. Hey looky there...one of my wee fuzzies...thanks so much Andrea...was a pleasure to chat with you! Cheerio, Susan


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