24 January 2011

Luzi presents - her beautiful belly

Luzi has been neutered a few days ago and I am so extremly happy, that all went well. She is 10 years old and we finally decided, that it is unlikely, that we'll get a "fully fitted" tomcat for her, so that she can get kittens. And because at the end of february her time for being on heat starts, she had to have the operation now. It tore my heart apart, because she was screaming frantically when we entered the veterinary practice and I really considered to turn around and go home again. But after a lot of soothing she calmed down (I also could have used someone who put my mind at rest!). On this day Rossi has been depressive, because he is so in love with Luzi (and even Tulipe behaved herself - a very rare state...), but as soon as he saw her again. he started to purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Luzi made a very quick recovery and is again fit as a fiddle. The three are still best friends - that's entire happiness....

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  1. POOR Luzi! I hope she is feeling better from her surgery! I love Kitty Bellies!! They are so soft. My sister has a dark colored tabby who loves to expose his caramel colored belly to us all of the time. My sister loves it but can only pet it twice before he swats at her...LOL...we think he sets her up, knowing that she can't resist just so he can attack!


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